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dosbox console window

Hi, long time ago, i modify source and remove the console window (-noconsole show the console for a fraction of second). I compile, and use my custom build happy for this last years Now i decide to do add some stuff to source, just to discover i lost my mod. I only have the original dosbox folder Ok …

Re: WIndows XP 64-Bit - Gaming Issues?

Gaming, driver support, lots of issues, yes. I still use XP x64 in my main computer as my regular OS, and barely never have issues, exept old hardware that never have a upgrade, for example some scanners, but in this case, i use Vuescan driver support. Even my old apple serial port scanner works in …

Re: Customize Windows XP to look like 95

I don't know, every version of Windows 95 that I've used had 16-bit icons included. I saw a registry hack for enabling high-color icons in a magazine back in the day, and never went back. I know Plus! enables them, but I could've sworn one of the Power Toys did, also. Open regedit, go to "HKEY_ …

Re: DOSBox Feature Request Thread

jmarsh wrote on 2020-02-26, 01:40: theelf wrote on 2020-02-25, 23:10: dosbox is not usable in this gfx cards That isn't true at all, just use a resolution other than "original". give me a example please, i will check For example dosbox in a intel gma 950, x3100, x4500 or HD, ati 3xxx, nvidia cards

Re: DOSBox Feature Request Thread

Hi, i think a feature dosbox need to have is support for super resolutions, since most if not all new intel graphic cards cant do low clocks, and dosbox is not usable in this gfx cards a post about this is here Is there any version of dosbox that supports super resolutions (2560x240,etc)?

Re: Customize Windows XP to look like 95

These screens are for Windows XP. These for login: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/XrenZAMqR-8/hqdefault.jpg https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-CpVHDHmSVQQ/USAko6EmFxI/AAAAAAAAKus/x7VY1T-jJUQ/s1600/Screenshot+2013-02-12+at+22.48.41.png And these for logoff: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-0P_k-ppIHJM/U9--4WkMv9I/ …

Re: Customize Windows XP to look like 95

@theelf: Did you manage to transform both Windows XP logon and logoff screens into W95 versions? The thing that bugs me most about XP are the icons, boot, login and logoff. Edit: wouldn’t it be easier to do that on Windows 2000 instead of XP? I have a very stable Win2k VM and I’m happy with that, …

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