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Re: MCA Adlib card -- just need pictures

Hi there, is it true that these PS/2 models are "speed-sensitive" when it comes to add-on cards? I think I have read something about..."this card only works in model xyz, not in model abc" Currently I am awaiting my first PS/2 machine. It's an Model 56 486SLC2. It has no 5,25" drive, no scsi- …

Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
These later 256color SCI games all suffer from the same problem that they used handdrawn graphics and scanned them and downgraded them to 256colors. I don't like that. If the images are drawn on pc with less colors they are way better, more detailed, crisp and sharp. I think 256color version of …

Re: Voodoo5 5500's DirectX Support

Ok, that's new to me, but what is the best option in terms of beauty and most stable 60fps. 1. 3dfx-glide 1024x768 without AA 2. 3dfx-glide 640x480 with 4xAA 3. Opengl 1024x768 S3TC without AA 4. Opengl 640x480 S3TC with 4xAA Currently I am on 2 because with 1 and 4xAA is too slow.

Re: Voodoo5 5500's DirectX Support

Some games don't use DX7/8 features like TnL or Shaders but do install DX81 like severance blade of darkness. Much more interesting would be using a voodoo5: - play on glide in 16bit without S3TC but with AA? or - play on ogl in 32bit with s3tc what will be the better choice?


What about: - msdos - win9x - win 2k/xp - linux - amithlon What can I expect of the built AC97 codec. Does it work under plain dos as SB(pro), what about win3x drivers ? The machine has AGP 4x so a Voodoo5 should be working? What would you install in the PCI-Slot if the AC97 does not work on Dos or …


Hi there, what do you think about such a machine? Mini-Aluminium-Barebone-System Socket 478 supports 400/533FSB (no Prescott support) As of version 2.0: Hyper-Threading-Support Chipsatz: SiS 651(B) / SiS 962 Low noise with ICE-Heatpipe-Cooling 1x AGP (4X), 1x PCI (for simultaneous use) 2x DDR333/266 …

Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
And I'm pretty sure Prince of Persia falls under that category as well, right? Prince of Persia is fantastic on Mac...we already discussed this in another thread. I tested it on LC (68020/16/OS 6.0.8) It natively supports: B&W, 16 greytones (very nice!) and 256 colors. I think SQIII also supports …

Re: Mac-only or Mac-best Games

Actual I am using a LC with 6.08 for the really old B&W and 16color stuff. 256colors are working because I upgraded the VRAM to 512KB. But 256colors are a bit slow on that machine. therefore a PM6100/66 is a better choice. Using "Speed-Doubler" on a slow PPC is a very good advice when playing native …

Re: Which CPU to pair with a Voodoo 4MB?

Voodoo1 Cards have problems with D3D Games up around 400Mhz. Glide should be fine in most cases. You can install a Voodoo3-AGP with a Voodoo1 for a P2-300/333/350/366 or Celeron. So you can make benefit of the fast voodoo3 and you can play the old dosglidegames without issues. For a P3 and above an …

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