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Re: TANDY Dos-Gaming-Thread (1000RL/HD)

thx @cloudschatze for that update...I see use still use the VGA card in your T1000RL...I still use the mce-adapter with my Nec vm51 and stay on TGA. After fixing that midi-slowdown (thx for the tip with the IO-Adresses colliding I was abe to fix everything and so LPT and COM is working fine now …

Re: PS/2 MCA Soundoptions

My point being that you'd need a second parallel port (in addition to the integrated one), if you wanted to use an OPLxLPT for music and a Covox Speech Thing or DSS clone for digitized sound output at the same time. Unless the PS/2 machines came with two parallel ports out of the box, but I'm …

Re: PS/2 MCA Soundoptions

digger wrote on 2023-05-06, 19:05: How common are MCA LPT port expansion cards, by the way? I mean Micro Channel expansion cards that add an additional parallel port to the system..... Afaik if you deactivate DMA on LPT of the PS/2 machine it should work like a regular LPT port or am I wrong here?

Re: PS/2 MCA Soundoptions

The combination of a Disney Sound Source, Resound 2 or Plaid Bib, and serial-port MIDI (either via SoftMPU or modified drivers) would provide a fair amount of coverage. Now I got my hands on that Model 57 and I had some trouble of getting it working but now it does. I will checkout the options that …

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