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Re: Riva TNT2 vs. Voodoo

A V2SLI with a TNT2 will be a good but expensive solution and keep in mind, some games like diablo2 only benefit from the voodoo3 and are therefore better than on 2xV2 even if they are 12MB so in total 24MB against 16MB of the voodoo3.

Re: Riva TNT2 vs. Voodoo

With a voodoo3 you probably get the most out of that P2-300! Voodoo cards tend to deliver high performances on higher resolutions. (e.g. 1024x768 where other cards fall back.) You should also consider using the upgraded mini-gl drivers that produce even better framerates and better filtering/ …

Re: Tomb Raider sound problems

in Windows
Simple solution: Change the SB settings for Dos in Win9x 1. Tell me you chipset and CPU 2. Use ESS 1149 Driver and change the DOS-Emulation to a DIFFERENT! port/irq! e.g.: 240 i7 If you have a later Intel-Chipset it could be problematic, but you should try this. Win9x emulates SB at 220/i5 and you …

Re: DOS versions of DOOM

They changed the soundengine from the early Doom1 to the later Doom1 (1.66..) and used it in Doom2 too. The early soundengine had no problem with ESS-Solo1 in plain Dos on intel-Chipset, the later one never worked on that soundcard in such a setup.

Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
For my A2286/8/1MB/ET4000 I really dig those 16color VGA games because: - they are much faster than the 256color games - the image is completely centered on the TFT (256colors are shifted 5mm to the right leaving a small vertical black space= - if they use a tweaked/real VGA palette than it's best …

Re: Right to repair discussion (split from What retro activity did you get up to today?)

I am not sure if they are overpriced for the quality of the product and the used material. All I can say is, I don't care. I always buy apple products because I love the integration of soft-/ and hardware. I would never buy a PC for home usage. I love my M1 mini because it's silent and powerfull. I …

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