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Re: 16-bit ISA EGA card?

Thx, no problem I have an mce-adapter that works with nec 1970nxp for MDA/CGA/EGA. Because I already have different VGA machines, I am thinking about EGA Hires. The ET4000 is indeed nice in that machine, but I mostly use 16colors in Games because that is much faster on that lowend machine. https:// …

Re: 16-bit ISA EGA card?

This site has some really usefull informations http://www.dosdays.co.uk/dos_hardware_index.php (but I think the backend of this page seems rather weak since I linked it on another forum this sute seems SLOWWWW :) I think I own some of those cards already https://www.flickr.com/photos/94839221@N05/ …

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