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Re: EGA DOS benchmarks?

That thread brings me to another question: - Is the fastest EGA graphics always a VGA Card in EGA mode? - There are some games that do not work on EGA with a VGA card, even if the software for the card is set to "ega-mode"

Re: Proprietary 3D API's

Thx, I really love that machine and I like the RageIIc because it offers native Win3x drivers. Amithlon seems to works too. I have only two PCI-Slots, one is equipped with a PowerVR (PCX1) card, the other is used with a ESSSolo1 PCI. Greetings Doc

Re: Difficult games to get working

Glitchy-Stuff: - JimPower (glitchiest sound/freezing thing I ever had) - Turrican2 (If you know what files are missing on installation and have the right hardware it works) - Pinball-Illusion (works if you always delete the cfg first and unload the cute-mouse before starting) - AlienBreed-TA (sound …

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