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Re: Abandoning Skype

in Milliways
Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Uncheck "Allow Microsoft targeted ads..." Tools -> Options -> Notifications -> Alters & messages -> Uncheck "Promotions"

Re: Thoughts on Emulating BBS Door Games with Node.js?

in Milliways
I wasn't really "around' for the days of BBSes, unfortunately, though they do sort of pique my interest. I wonder, back when they were run from phone lines, was it possible for multiple people to connect to one at the same time, or did they have to wait and take turns? In my experience, most …

Re: Thoughts on Emulating BBS Door Games with Node.js?

in Milliways
Since there seem to be a number of posters here who are familiar with the technicalities of how DOSBox works, I would like to know what everyone thinks of this idea, whether it would be feasible, whether anyone would like to get together to make this happen, and the next direction to go in to make …

Re: Running a DOS accounts package

JosSchaars wrote: You could try vDos (http://schaars.nl/vDos.7z). It's for serious DOS bussiness programs. A video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIdtsvuDfr0 This looks awesome. Have you thought about adding networking support? NE2000 compatibility, like H-A-L's megabuild?

Re: VGA Capture Thread

(I remember some post here which said there was a Compaq OEM version which had the clocks of a 3500 but no TV-Tuner.) The Compaq part number was 147908-001 but it looks like the guy selling all of the NOS cards is out of them. There's currently someone else selling a bunch of used ones. Anyway, …

Re: More YouTube Shenanigans

in Milliways
How good is the Content-ID detection system? If you ran music through some kind of effect or filter, would it still catch it? It wouldn't be a completely faithful representation, but it would be close..

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