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Re: The Underdog

How did you get 23.7 in Unreal Timedemo? I'm struggling at 23.2 in 640x480x16 with AMD K6-2/550 and Voodoo 3 3000. 3dfx driver, all details high though if that makes a difference. I use Unreal Gold 227i... EDIT: 226b 40.xx 😒

Re: AMD K6 3DMARK, aiming for stars.

But 1.03 and 1.04 have the older Ali chipset revisions that can cache up to 128mb where the 1.05 and 1.06 use the later ones that can cache up to 512mb. ... Thanks to the on-die cache of the k6-3 it by itself can cache up to 4gb so no real problem but there is a small speed difference. Motherboard …

Re: DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

Great work so far, thx for that! How can I sort cover art and/or screenshots to be displayed in the right order? Example: If I add ALL pictures of Monopoly Deluxe it adds screenshots and cover art scrambled so also the Box Art in f.e. "Medium Boxes" of course is a screenshot then... Screenshots: …

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