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Re: My 2007 Socket AM2 Build

I have a big soft spot for the AM2/AM2+ platform, and for Athlon 64 X2 chips. One of my favorite machines I ever built had a 5200+ Windsor, but I also have a 5200+ Brisbane, which I believe your CPU is also a Brisbane. Those chips were such a bargain - even though Intel had "regained the throne" …

Re: Vintage PC building and the ship of Theseus

It's a really interesting question, isn't it? I think the three contenders for me would be CPU, motherboard, and case. Those are the three main things that give a PC its identity IMO. I would probably lean towards the motherboard, though. That said, now that I think about it, all three of those …

Re: AMD AM2 / AM2+ XP-32 Build

Sounds awesome! I'd definitely like to see updates. Don't see too much watercooled stuff here. Those matched GTX-470s are beautiful. What kind of radiator setup are you running? Out of curiosity, have you toyed with the idea of trying a Phenom II x4? I've been very pleased with mine over the nearly …

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