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Re: AMD AM2 / AM2+ XP-32 Build

Sounds awesome! I'd definitely like to see updates. Don't see too much watercooled stuff here. Those matched GTX-470s are beautiful. What kind of radiator setup are you running? Out of curiosity, have you toyed with the idea of trying a Phenom II x4? I've been very pleased with mine over the nearly …

Re: What do you drive?

I watched the Lumina episode and related videos today! Was great seeing your car featured. I always enjoy seeing clean, well-kept examples of ordinary, "boring" cars (which I guess is the reasoning behind the channel's name).

Fatal Racing 3DFX - Weird Refresh Rate?

I wanted to play Fatal Racing on my Diamond Monster 3D 4MB, and I have the unofficial 3DFX patch for it. Every time I launched fatfx.exe, it would show the 3DFX splash screen, then a black screen on the demo video. Then it would show the main menu, and if I start a race, I'd get a black screen again …

Re: Melon's New Ol Socket 7 PC

Awesome system! Should give you a lot of enjoyment. Pass through works, but I have no idea if its doing anything in games xD Does anyone know how to test it? If you disconnect the passthrough once the game is running, and you have video coming from the Voodoo, then it's working. If not, then it's …

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