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Re: AMD AM2 / AM2+ XP-32 Build

Sounds awesome! I'd definitely like to see updates. Don't see too much watercooled stuff here. Those matched GTX-470s are beautiful. What kind of radiator setup are you running? Out of curiosity, have you toyed with the idea of trying a Phenom II x4? I've been very pleased with mine over the nearly …

Re: What do you drive?

I watched the Lumina episode and related videos today! Was great seeing your car featured. I always enjoy seeing clean, well-kept examples of ordinary, "boring" cars (which I guess is the reasoning behind the channel's name).

Fatal Racing 3DFX - Weird Refresh Rate?

I wanted to play Fatal Racing on my Diamond Monster 3D 4MB, and I have the unofficial 3DFX patch for it. Every time I launched fatfx.exe, it would show the 3DFX splash screen, then a black screen on the demo video. Then it would show the main menu, and if I start a race, I'd get a black screen again …

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