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Re: Kixs's 286 to the Max

The DIP switch settings (and maybe some jumper settings) may be similar to some of the other (probably older) ACT chipset 286 boards. There's at least one on the Stason website, the EAT-12 https://stason.org/TULARC/pc/motherboards/U/UNIDENTIFIED-286-EAT-12.html The DIP switch block there configures …

Re: ISA based 3D accelerators?

@SteveC @Jo22 Yes thanks. Matrox ftp does have PG-XXXX files, which I already had, but can't find anything on SM-XXXX series (iirc thats why I contacted Matrox UK). I may have to revisit this as a summer project this year. Here are some low-res images (dug out of my piccyes folder, cards are in …

How common was it for motherboards up to the 486 era to have a parity disable option?

I'm pretty sure most or all IBM boards and a lot of name-brand OEM systems forced parity checking while some XT clone boards and a lot of older 286 boards have the option selectable by switches or jumpers and late gen 286 boards usually offer it in the BIOS. Then there's a handful of 8088 and 286 …

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