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Re: CT1350B SB2.0 on 286 w/Windows 3.1?

Thanks guys, I will try with just the Win 3.1 SB1.5 built in drivers first. I wasn't sure if they would work. I actually had a PAS16 in my 286 but the driver crashes when trying to set the volume via the command line. Also sometimes the sound didn't work until after you ran the test tool. This is …

CT1350B SB2.0 on 286 w/Windows 3.1?

Hi Guys, I have a 286 with a CT1350B Sound Blaster 2.0 and am trying to get it to work in Windows 3.1. The card works great in DOS but I've read that Windows 3.1 does not load the multimedia drivers in "standard" mode. Is there anyway to make sound work on my 286? Thanks

Re: BeOS

in Milliways
I think Objective C from NeXT was/is good as it is still used today. They also had lots of enterprise things (WebObjects etc). I'm not sure who was better but I think NeXT wasn't a bad purchase.

Re: What is a 3D accelerator?

Honestly every 3d pci accelerator is expensive now other than the ATI Rage XL 8MB/8 MB PCI (which I doubt will work in your Pentium 1). Best options are Voodoo 1/2/3/Banshee or if you can find TNT 1/2/Geforce PCI Maybe even Matrox G200 PCI or something.

Re: BeOS

in Milliways
Great info davidrg, that is a very good summary IMHO. I remember running BeOS 5 Personal Edition (came free on PC magazine CD) on my Pentium 133 around the early 2000s for some fun. It was cool as it could be installed on Windows 9x with a single file and it could shutdown Windows and boot from the …

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