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Re: Half-Life Alyx

in Milliways
It's an odd feeling to not be excited for a new Half-Life game, but a part of me is optimistic about this being a proof-of-concept for a modern take of the franchise, serving as the foundation for Half-Life 3.

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

The thing is, Youtube's a very powerful tool, and as a showrunner, you bear the responsibility of having an opinion that many younger fans would find and treat as the authority. I've had situations where my first-hand experiences were disputed by someone parroting misinformation from a DFRetro …

Re: GeForce 256 DDR for vintage pc

I think for NV1x architecture the major bottleneck is the memory bandwidth. Fillrate is not that important. Therefore GF 256 DDR will be always faster than any GF2 MX... even OC models like 200/200 MHz Asus V7100/pro. GF4 MX440 is nice, but only 128-bit models... 64-bit is more or less the same …

Re: Geforce256 driver performance

No big loss as Epic's own OpenGLDrv was a very feature incomplete and buggy mess anyway. No overbrights, no volumetric dog, no detail textures, etc. D3DDrv was preferred for nVidia then. Nvidia's extension wanking in 2001 broke a lot of stuff including some professional applications. Did Unreal …

Re: Interest in archiving old GPU documentation?

To clarify, many of said documents pertain to programming of specific GPU architectures or paradigms. I don't expect these to have much practical value... just the way we* like it. I stumbled upon an official collection of some of these documents packed up in a zip file, hosted on a now defunct …

Re: Interest in archiving old GPU documentation?

Sure! Sounds like a good idea. It may be good to put them up on vogonsdrivers.com in the documentation section. If you don't already have an account, either message SquallStrife or put them someplace we can download them from and then we can upload them. Is there actually a section for in-depth …

Interest in archiving old GPU documentation?

Over the time, I have accumulated a myriad of GPU-related PDF's, DOC's, and whatnot. Within them, tons of obscure information that may be relevant to certain enthusiasts can be found. Some of them have been difficult to track down, requiring me to meticulously scan the depths of NVIDIA's old sites, …

Re: general colour depth queston

Even native 24-bit frame buffers fall short of providing a banding-free viewing experience on a high-contrast display. A disturbingly high amount of people seem to think that dithering is an obsolete practice in the year of our lord 2019. It's of course not as crucial as it is with 16-bit color …

Re: Half-Life 2, what copy should I buy

in Windows
I vaguely remember a reasonably trustworthy source claim that they used a tool to install the game directly from the disc instead of grabbing it off the internet. I really wish I knew more about it.

Re: DX7 gpu conumdrum

Other than its triple texturing, not many applications made use of Ati's unique features in comparison to Nvidia's. I'd pick the GTS over the MX, since there is a larger array of appropriate driver versions to play around with.

Re: Why 4K isn't a gimmick -- or why it really is.

in Milliways
Is it my imagination or is this shimmering somewhat new to the last generation or two? I always remember having jaggies without AA but I don't remember the screen dancing even as I was standing still -- what the hell? Do you by any chance enable FXAA? These intraframe post-process AA solutions do …

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