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Re: Video card for a PII/PIII (400 to 600Mhz)

in Marvin \ Video
pixel_workbench wrote on 2020-04-16, 04:49: Their DVI output is stupidly blurry in DOS I've had a Geforce 5950Ultra in my Win98 machine for several years. DVI output is sharp as it should in both DOS and Windows. The other issues you're mentioning seems more like driver problems. Did you try …

Re: SIV support for 386/486/586 class + Alpha CPUs and 3dfx + S3 + SiS + Matrox + XGI + old ATI + NVidia GPUs - Testing

Some posts have been removed due to being off-topic. Let me just say that please remember we're all expressing our self in written context. Some might interpret it differently even if that was never your intention, same goes when reading a comment. Try to see it from more than one point of view …

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