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Re: Proposed OS/2 Build

OS/2 supports SMP with an add-on. Personally if you can find it, OS/2 Warp MCP2 (4.52) or eComStation have better hardware support. SciTech SNAP is included for video as well. Things are wonky with circa 1998 hardware despite Warp 4 being from 1996. The whole OS is kinda stuck in that same viva la …

Re: How to build a Win16 or Win32 App?

I used Borland C++ For Windows back in the day. Supports Win16 and Win32 if you are running 4.5x or later. It also has the ability to build "console" Win16 applications using its "EasyWin" libraries and it's resource editor Resource Workshop is top-notch for prototyping windows, dialogs, etc.

Re: My cool 486 EISA tower

I had this board's successor model, the Micronics EISA/VL2. The biggest problem I had with it was the damned BIOS and memory controller. You couldn't run ROM BIOS shadowing with over 16MB of RAM installed due to how they implemented it on the board. With shadowing turned off, POSTing was stuck in a …

Re: My Ultimate VL/EISA 486

Currently, I do not have any POST errors. Here is my current configuration: [SLOT1] Adaptec AHA-2740W (EISA bus master) [SLOT2] (Empty) [SLOT3] Diamond Stealth64 4MB (VLB) [SLOT4] Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 (EISA bus master) [SLOT5] Adaptec AHA-1542CF/1540CF (16-bit ISA) [SLOT6] Gravis UltraSound …

Re: My Ultimate VL/EISA 486

I don't think the SiS EISA chipset supports more than 6 slots as busmaster. The reality is most folks don't have that many busmastering EISA cards to begin with so its rarely a problem. Both my Micronics and Tyan (uses SiS chipset too) made the VLB slots non-busmaster since it was likely they would …

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