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Oil Imperium: pipelining impossible?

Hi, the pipelining game in Oil Imperium runs too fast, no matter how slow I set the cpu cycles, when I have "problems" selling oil, I reduce the cycles to a minimum, but still the computer is too fast building his own pipeline. The rest of the game slows down perfectly, only the computer-based …

Lemmings2 too slow in fullscreen

Hi, when I try to run Lemmings 2 in fullscreen (WinXP Athlon64 3200+ 1 Gig RAM, dosbox 0.63), the sound stutters and the movements of the lemmings is slow and stuttering. I have tried pressing Strg-F12 multiple times, it first speeds up a bit then, but not enough, and finally at 60000 or so, my …

Re: Problems with Space Quest 6

Okay, now the game works, but the next problems occurr: - The sound is somewhat stuttering, no matter how many cpu cycles I check. - When I try to save a game, i cannot type in anything with my keyboard, the mouse works well..... Thanks. cu, Jackie

Re: Problems with Space Quest 6

So, I finally figured out what the problem was: That sq6dosg.bat seemed not interpreted correctly by dosbox (is it possible that batch processing is buggy with dosbox 0.60"? , I just retyped the following command from the bat file C:\SIERRA\SQ6DOSG\sierra -o C:\SIERRA\SQ6DOSG\resource.cfg and it …

Re: Problems with Space Quest 6

Hi, thank you all for your replies. Tthere is a dos and a windows version on the cd, however the windows version sucks (as did most of the first sierra adventures under windows). Of course I made sure to install the dos verison of course Yes, the CD-drive is always mounted. The funny thing is that …

Re: Problems with Space Quest 6

Hi, thanks for your reply. I tried both options, and finally could also install the whole game from within dosbox using the cdrom emulation mode. But unfortunately it is still not working, same error as before. I was just wondering because in the compatibility list there were reports of users who …

Re: Problems with Space Quest 6

Hi Minimax, I have installed that game from my cd drive L:\ to my drive W:\Sierra\Sq6. I run dosbox.exe w:\ so it is mounted as c:\. Next I change to that directory, and also I mount my CD-Rom Drive using mount L: L:/ But that drive seems not to be found. cu, Jackie

Problems with Space Quest 6

Hi, I have installed space quest 6 and am now trying to play it, I have mounted the sq6 directory and the cd-rom drive, the problem is this game seems to have some kind of simplöe copy protection asking for a cd. the cd is in the drive, but is somehow not recognized, I always get the message: " …

Re: How do I make a backslash in DosBox 0.60

in DOS
Hi, thanks for that hint, although that seems quite unusual to me (okay, some unix guys find it normal, but it's quite unusual to dos- and win users). Isn't there a workaround to simply enter a simple backslash? Thank you. cu, Jackie

How do I make a backslash in DosBox 0.60

in DOS
Hi, I have just installed Dosbox 0.60, and ant to mount a drive from my real harddisk, but I simply cannot type a backslash on my german keyboard! Using AktGr+ß (the key next to the 0) doesn't work, and trying the correct Ascii code using alt+92 on the numeric keyboard doesn't work either. So, how …

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