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Re: Hercules Game Theater XP

sliderider wrote: Are Game Theater and Game Surround the same card??? No, the Game Theater XP was not just a sound card, it required it's breakout box to be connected to it. It was an amazing and really fantastic sound card! I owned one back in the day and absolutely loved it. 😎

Re: Sticking with XP a smart move?

Robin4 wrote: iam still thinking of using xp.. But i do only for steam games for the online part.. Then just installing the games one for one.. And then put everything back offline.. I thought for sure Steam stopped working on Windows XP quite sometime ago?

Re: New Socket 7 Build

That's actually a COASt module [ C ache O n A St ick] -- It acts as L2 cache. COASt modules will provide either 256K or 512K of direct-mapped cache, so you might want to see if it's actually a 256K or the 512K. The motherboard has an Intel 430VX chipset, hence why it has a COASt module. As for the …

Re: Sticking with XP a smart move?

I know some people are amazed/shocked that some people still use Windows XP. Hell, I still know people that run Windows 98SE as their main OS because they have no need to update their aging hardware, etc. So, i'm not shocked at all that people still want to use Windows XP. In my personal opinion …

Re: Technically impressive FM synth music

On a pure FM synthesis level, between the OPL3 and the Sega Genesis/Megadrive sound chip, which one is more powerful? The reason why I specify FM specifically is because I know that the Genesis sound chip has one sampling channel, along with a PSG with three square wave channels and a noise channel …

Re: YouTube's Seriously Awful New Change

and Loom on Roland MT-32 where Swan lake was claimed, which I acknowledged since it is the games overture song. I was surprised that the MT-32 score is obviously so authentic. Swan Lake isn't copyrighted at all, it's a 100% public domain song... Google can go eff themselves with all their BS …

Re: Is my promotional copy of Windows NT rare?

Darn it, I used to have a box shipped to my old work-place, with a full starter kit for Wildcat 4 with the Internet Productivity Pack disc and a T-Shirt. I should have kept it around in light of things like this. At least it would have went to a good home. (or the home of a disgruntled, old Sysop …

Re: Impressive chiptune music

actually the NES can use the extra sound chips on famicom carts, you need to use a converter and rebuilt the expansion_audio line, just a wire and a resistor IIRC About the Japanese Contra release, are you sure there is extra animation going on? I have built a repro of the game that is translated …

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