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Re: Different Voodoo2 CT6670 cards?

There are no pins missing at all. If You look close enough You will see the "non missing" pins aren't connected to anything. I just counted them. There are 11 pins connected to nothing and the bottom card has the same 11 missing pins. Likely Creative used a couple of different board manufacturers …

Re: KT400 & Radeon 9700: No-Go?

Interesting Problem. I have a much older Abit KT7-raid with KT133 chipset and that had no problems with a 9800XT. I think I even had a HD3650 running on it at one point. I hope Your power supply has a powerful +5v rail, as the Athlon XP chips and earlier all run off the 5v rail as opposed to 12v …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

I recently got one of these ATLONA AT-HD510VGA models off Ebay, much to my surprise brand new and factory sealed for $65 AUD. It works great except for the annoying way it sees 720x400 as 640x350. I've tried everything possible but It makes no difference. Tried about 4 different video cards as well …

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