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Re: Voodoo 2 DOS Glide compatibility matrix

ruthan wrote: What are you specs, are other Dos glide games running fine? OS: Windows 98SE Video Card: Voodoo 3 2000 AGP Sound Card: Creative SoundBlaster Live! CPU: AMD K6-2 550AGR Mobo: BCM VP1543 Tomb Raider (with rush/banshee patch) and Carmageddon both run glide mode fine.

GTA 3DFX mode on Voodoo 3 2000 not working

Been trying to get GTA 1 to work on my 3DFX pc. When using the GTAFX.exe, the menus work fine, but the in game graphics are simpley a black screen with what looks like frozen lines of static. Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to fix it? Filename GTA voodoo3.jpg File size 509.93 …

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