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Re: DLS-2 sound cards

ed. No clue what you mean by software that can 'mess' with Vortex 2 or Emu 10k synths, is best to keep them running Have you ever had a Synthesizer in your hands ? like Roland XP10, yamaha dx7 (FM synth) , Korg m1 (sample based) these are fairly cheap and old synths and you can edit, alter and add …

Re: DLS-2 sound cards

I was always interested in finding a software capable of assembling complete, or partial DLS banks (whichever version), Drumkits and GM instruments by converting regular .WAV files or other Soundfont banks, and if ever existed a SF to DLS converter. Also software able to tinker and fool around with …

Re: Turtle Beach Montego II Unboxing

I was able to pickup a single Montego II card for $5 yesterday and it works. Not sure if it was the real one or one that came with a Dell but it matches the pictures. What's the difference between the real and the Dell one? Is the one from Dell worse in some ways? Any way to tell them apart? it's …

Re: AWE64 Legacy

ExplodingLemur wrote on 2022-11-03, 05:32: Is "getting LGR'd" the VOGONS equivalent of "getting Slashdotted?" 😉 haha, probably, I haven't heard the "slashdot effect" in a long time. by the way good job @hard1k

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