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Re: Christmas of 96 Ultimate PC!

Will remember to install season games, nice touch, thanks. I took it from a Computer Gaming World article " Killer PCs! Top Systems face off for the Ultimate Game Rig." So maybe that is why no other CPUs. Christmas 1996 the Pentium 200MHz was the fastest. No MMX, no 6x86 Cyrix. I guess there isn't …

Christmas of 96 Ultimate PC!

I love the 90's! I was 10yo when they started, I was 20yo when they ended (duh). So I just adore ms-dos gaming. But imagine being a kid or a teen, having a blast on your 386/486... And then Quake is released, and then 3dfx releases voodoo... and you get a brand new pentium that same year for …

Re: Should I keep my Presario 2256?

I have no interest in the hardware involved in retro gaming, just in what it can do. I'm working backwards from what I need to play a game in its purest form but with the most headroom in performance. The thread on The Natural Evolution of a Retrogamer mentions that the final stage in the evolution …

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