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Re: Eurofighter Typhoon crashes while mission...

in Windows
Ok i Found out what the Problem is: Everytime When it crashes it tries to Start a mission where at least one sector must have been occupied by Russian forces. Since for some reason there was no invasion in my campaign this mission crashes. Now I have to find out why no enemy forces are invading the …

Eurofighter Typhoon crashes while mission...

in Windows
Hi everyone! i asked myself if I could get any help with my problem here. I installed Eurofighter Typhoon lately (game from Rage/DID in 2001) on my Windows 10 computer. I have the original CD-Version (i bought at ebay) Installation worked. I installed the 2.1 patch from pathes-scrolls.de and the …

Re: F1 Racing Championship win10 Controller Problem

in Windows
Trying to get f1rc to work properly on win10 is a pain in the ass... First of all I did need a crack cos f1rc uses some drm not supported by win10. After that it started at least but crashed after the intro vid. So I replaced the bink dll file with a newer one as in another thread described. Now it …

Superbike World Championship

in Windows
http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/superbike-world-championship I tried to get this old game to run on my Windows 7 64bit but either in win7 and in my VM winxp 32 i get the same error wich says "Creating Z-buffer Surface failed!" I have the nglide wrapper installed and also tried it with dgvoodoo …

Re: Action Soccer - sound problem

any solutions yet? the games collection version wont let me install in dosbox. whenever i choose install it throws me back to dosbox. when i use the original cd it lets me install but sounds dont work at all. (just whistle and some kicking sounds and scratching sounds)

Installing a floppy game with dosbox...?

i need help, i wanna install a game. its on 4 virtual floppy disks. how do i install it in dosbox? i would be glad if someone could give me a step by step instruction. i attached the file. if someone could get it to work i'd be glad for any help thx [Attachment deleted by moderator]

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