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Re: Age of Empires Definitive Edition

in Windows
You talking about 1, or 2? And do you mean on a Win10 Pc, or something else? Lastly, are you failing to, and if so, what kind of error/failure are you seeing? I got 1 running just fine out of the box (so to speak), Steam version on my Win10 rig.

Re: DOS and MIDI

Out of curiosity, since you're doing midi via gameport, are you running SoftMPU? EDIT: also, perhaps refer to this thread, where they discuss similar midi issues on an AWE64, though not exactly the same, it might provide some clues.

Re: DOS and MIDI

Pintsize12433 wrote: I understand that. I have it going out to my SC-55MkII. I am saying that under DOS if I select a general MIDI device, digitized sound (soundblaster) does not seem to work, but the MIDI works fine Your description of the issue sounds like it's happening in games. Which games?

Re: Old games that had CD Audio tracks?

in DOS
Rise of the Triad I don't think this is correct, I had a CD copy of this and there were no redbook audio tracks on it - all in game music was MIDI or FM. I believe there was a number of different releases of this game so I suspect there may have been a version with some promo audio track on it. …

Re: Theme Park ideal CPU

in DOS
Back of my copy says the following: Required: 386/33 MHz or faster (486/25 MHz or faster recommended) So they were probably targeting the 486/25 MHz models, or somewhere in between that and the minimum. EDIT: That's from the 1999 release , so grain of salt advised. Original box of the CD version …

Re: Covox Speech Thing Manual?

MobyGamer wrote: You're welcome. Do you still need the manual? It would be lovely to have, if you don't mind scanning it. Need might be too strong a word. I'm just fond of reading the actual instructions for retro hardware. (Though I admit, with some of the more complex devices it's saved my ass in …

Covox Speech Thing Manual?

Good News: I just got my Covox Speech Thing, complete with speaker and power supply! Bad News: It came with no docs. Does someone here have a link where I can download the manual? As a sidenote, thanks to The Oldskool PC for dumping their driver floppies.

Re: Oldest PC game to support Roland MT-32

I meant the game looks pretty good for its time :) Yeah it predates the MT-32 so probably patched it in later but if it DID patch the MT-32 support in at some point it is still technically the oldest game to support the device. I'd debate that, actually. In my opinion, you should date things like …

Re: Oldest PC game to support Roland MT-32

EDIT: Wait, Space M+A+X actually looks pretty good! Possibly not. The MT-32 was released in 1987, so the 1986 date already looks odd. In addition to that, there was a 1992 re-release of the game in Germany, which may have added updates like MT-32 support, as the disk count went from 2 floppies to 3 …

Re: GTA1 DOS 3dfx Oddity

On a separate note, the 3DFX version of GTA is significantly brighter, and the textures have cleaner edges but are (at least to my eye) more blurry. 3dfx's default high gamma and the video filters at work there. You can turn both of those down with environment variables if you want. set SST_GAMMA …

Re: GTA1 DOS 3dfx Oddity

Figured it out thanks to a post in another thread. Apparently it needs more than just the glide2x.* files, at least for the Orchid. I copied over GLIDE2X.DLL, GLIDE2X.OVL, GLIDE.DLL and SST1INIT.DLL, and with all 4 those files present, it worked. On a separate note, the 3DFX version of GTA is …

Re: GTA1 DOS 3dfx Oddity

Check the %PATH% in DOS. Since you have a Voodoo3, my guess is, the search path probably finds the GLIDE2X.OVL copy for Voodoo3 instead of your OR3D. Or, you didn't install the ORD3 drivers which has its own version of GLIDE2X.OVL. I installed the Orchid drivers, but I suspect it was overwritten by …

GTA1 DOS 3dfx Oddity

I just encountered the strangest behaviour with GTA1. So I found out that it has a 3dfx Glide mode for DOS, and I wanted to see how it compared with the D3D implementation in Windows. So, of course I go and boot it up on my computer with an Orchid Righteous 3D, and it starts, goes into the menu and …

Re: Reversing the Disney Sound Source

It works on every Covox Speech Thing Clone. i`m working on a list of covox compatible software, every piece is hand tested. https://dosreloaded.de/forum/index.php/Thread/2177-Covox-Speech-Thing-R2R-DAC-LPTDAC-Software-Kombatiblit%C3%A4tsliste/?pageNo=1 maybe i will do a similar one with dss. Cool, …

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