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Re: SimCity 2000 problem

Or is the option for "machine" ? At the moment the "machine" is svga_s3 Other options for that are: hercules, cga, tandy, pcjr, ega, vgaonly, svga_s3, svga_et3000, svga_et4000, svga_paradise, vesa_nolfb, vesa_oldvbe. How do i know which one?

SimCity 2000 problem

So i'm quite new to DosBox but i have been searching a lot for this problem. I have Windows 7 64bit and DosBox 0.74 I installed SimCity 2000 but DosBox said that "The video card was not found." So i opened the simcity 2000 setup and changed the Video card to "ATI VGA wonders" After that, the game " …

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