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Re: 8-Bit Guy video's are becoming a chore!

Hm. Maybe.. Maybe we're just getting old? I mean, I'm visiting Vogons since roughly 2005 or so and I noticed that the enthusiasm has declined a bit since. The atmosphere here hasn't become bad in any way, no, that's not what I mean. Vogons is still a friendly place with awesome people. It's just.. …

Re: How do your organise your DIGITAL game storage?

In what format do you store your game? I used to store them in Nero images (.NRG), but now I gradually convert them into CUE/BIN format. Well, ISO can work too, but ISO cannot contain games with mixed mode format (both Redbook and data in one media). ISO or working install in a directory so I can …

Re: How do your organise your DIGITAL game storage?

All my retro stuff is backed up to a 1TB SSD and only used when I need to put something on my retro-boxes via network or FTP. While there's more on there than just retro stuff, I have this folder structure RETRO - DOSGAMES - I have them by alphabet (mostly) with special subfolders for Ultima, Maxis, …

Re: DOSBox Pure ?

xcomcmdr wrote on 2021-01-08, 09:20: RetroArch UI is hot garbage, especially on PC. Not much better on RetroPie......got pretty aggrivated with setting up mupen64 controller mappings for Crusin' World on Sunday....just gave up and emulated it on my Wii.

Re: Your oldest favorite computer game?

Probably Colassal Cave which I played as Microsoft Adventure. It was originally released for S100 systems sometime around 1975 if I'm not mistaken, but the PC version, Microsoft Adventure, was released in 1981 and was a booter. Still have a copy I run on my Tandy 1000.

Re: 8-Bit Guy video's are becoming a chore!

To be fair, a lot goes into making a decent video. My videos aren't really all that spectacular, and I put an average of 15-20 hours into each one. Shooting footage, re-shooting footage because I messed up, doing research, actually scripting stuff for a change, doing voice overs, editing, etc etc . …

Re: 8-Bit Guy video's are becoming a chore!

I feel like most of the popular DOS Gaming videos except Adrian's Digital Basement are losing my interest lately, probably because I'm getting more and more into board level repairs (I also watch EEVBLOG a lot, he sometimes has old PC stuff as well). I'm getting more into that type of stuff anyway, …

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