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Re: Hey Vogonians, what are your other hobbies?

I have too darned many. - Guitar player, I also build, modify, and repair guitars and pedals, and am moving toward amps - I write and compose my own music https://www.bandlab.com/creepingnet - I code my own website - https://creepingnet.neocities.org - yep, in cold HTML like its 1996 - I bike, I …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

Doing the nightmarish hell of budgeting in modern spreadsheets. Seriously....enough staring at that white background of a Spreadsheet for hours upon hours kills my eyes - I was about to grab the Tandy 1000A next to me and use bloody Lotus 1-2-3, at least that does not hurt my eyes in CGA 9dpi 80x25 …

Re: Post your 'current' PC

My current PC situation right now is a confusing mess to say the least..... 90% of my modern PC usage is my work laptop (Dell Precision 5530). Because I spend all day there doing I.T. Right now I'm using a pair of Dell Latitudes from 2014 for Linux and Windows 10 respectively, and then I have an …

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