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Re: Post your 'current' PC

I'm running 2 current systems....I'm selling my other 3 laptops off and my Desktop has been decommed for the time being. Windows 10 Dell Latitude E6530 Core i7 3GHz 8GB DDR3 500GB SSD 6GB/s Nvidia Quadro graphics Win10 pro Linux Mint Lenovo T61 "Battle Worn" Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz 4GB DDR3 500GB SSD …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

I'm testing out three modern laptops out of my hoard of five.....okay, "modern-ish" as a candidate for my first actual serious Linux computer. I've gotten rather sick of Windows 10, being as I support it all day (and it's constant stream of update related maladies), and I spend so much time both …

Re: Your Retrogaming laptop/portable machine megathread (recommendations, tips, minutae)

I'll chime in on early DOS/Win-16/Win9x stuf I've had... The best of that era for me was the IBM ThinkPad 755CD. They came in 486 DX4 and Pentium 75 configurations, and it seems for a time in the mid 2000s they were making actual Lithium Ion Battery packs for them. They also came with a CD-ROM drive …

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