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Re: My Super 7 Lives! Muuhaa!

Just thinking out loud (or I guess in text?) but maybe the Belkin wireless card doesn't work is maybe the P5A doesn't support the PCI version of the wireless card? Could also be an IRQ conflict, drivers, etc. I could be completely wrong, just trying to come up with some ideas for what's wrong.

Re: My Super 7 Lives! Muuhaa!

I read online that those Packard Bell sound cards a very weird pieces of hardware, and that they're a pain to install and/or get working after installing, but it's good that you got it working lol. Does the card have a normal ATX front panel audio connector or something Packard Bell-ish? Anyway, I …

Re: Another Pentium Build

There might be a PNY GeForce FX5200 in my future. :cool: I'm just hoping I've got the right software for it. As far as I can tell it's Forceware 81.98 for Win9x/Me. Says it requires a PIII or higher, but let's just see about that :lol: I believe I've seen a couple Pentium builds with an FX5200, so …

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