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Re: PS/2 Keyboard Cable

I really don't know anything helpful, but from the description and the fact that this is a terminal keyb, have you considered the possibility that this side ps/2 port is not an alternative way to connect to keyb to the pc, but to connect other devices on it? Like some handheld scanner for example, …

Re: How do I see other partitions on my MSDOS Compact Flash when plugged into my WIN7 card reader?

Windows don't allow partitioning removable storage. You can't for example create partitions on a usb flash drive, and they show only the 1st partition of such devices. I don't know if this can be changed or circumvented, I'm just explaining what's going on. I don't think it's true. I partitioned my …

Re: Problem with MUNT

in MT-32 General
@Mark_81: I believe you are confused about something here, which I'll try to explain: As Qbix wrote, Dosbox delegates playback of midi to the host system, eg Windows. So when you play midi, Dosbox is not playing any music. That's why your recording is empty. Which means you should record it from …

Re: List of Free Games

in Milliways
awgamer wrote on 2020-06-26, 23:37: demos and add-ons should be listed separately, not cluttering free listing, but gog's motive to keeping things muddied is probably financial. true, among other things heavily requested on the forums (like a "sort by price" functionality) there's no real profit in …

Re: Apple is getting off Intel CPU’s ?

in Milliways
Can you please tone it down? It's close to personal attacks and that is really not needed here. If you disagree, say so. But paasive aggressive one-liners... please no [offtopic] I think it's about time to start avoiding bold, provoking, factless statements rather than the answers to them. I'm not …

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