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Re: Help... unkown ISA sound card...

in Marvin \ Sound
Well the model is a "Sound Image Orchestra 32+" as it's written on the card. But you're right, there's very little information about it. It appears to be made by a Russian company called "antares", which is equally unknown to me. Maybe it's a rebranding of another card? If you're after the features …

Re: Best CGA & Hercules games

Fun fact: the Olivetti M24 that I played games on as a kid back in the day didn't support the undocumented cyan/red/white CGA palette. Games that tried to use that palette would be shown on that machine in the cyan/magenta/white palette instead. I didn't even learn that the original IBM CGA card ( …

Re: Difference between Ensoniq Soundscape ROMs?

in Marvin \ Sound
I believe the 2MB ROM chip has "2M" written on it and the 1MB "1M" or "1M2", I've never seen a small 44-pin chip being 2MB though. Er, did you read the list of different chips I compiled in the topicstart? Take a look at the Elite, or for that matter on the Soundscape DB rev A, both 'small' 44-pin …

Re: Running Windows 95 on CGA?

in Marvin \ Video
Ηere's a similar thread about a 386 compaq portable and win95 attempts on cga, in case you haven't seen it. Not that it worked though 😀 Upgrading Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 using CGA on Compaq Portable 386

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