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Re: America. Hell yeah.

in Milliways
First time I've used fireworks since I was an adolescent. Only recently am I back in a state where I can get "the good stuff" again. They're not as fun as they used to be.

Re: What would you do different?

in Milliways
I'd know that adding a math coprocessor won't do a damn thing for games on a 386SX. I'd reconsider our PCChips 486 build. I'd reconsider my socket-7 upgrade path. Buy lots of used consoles, games, and ISA sound cards at the end of the decade.

Re: Weird GeForce 2 mx400

I just noticed in your picture there's a 0326 date code on the PCB. I don't know exactly when the MX400 cards came out but I think it must have been in 2001 - so that card is much too new to be a prerelease card. So it's weird that it has that BIOS on it, unless there's some other reason that " …

Re: Weird GeForce 2 mx400

I have an early Geforce3 card with that same "Engineering Release" BIOS message. Can you get a picture showing the markings on the RAM chips? That would help determine what clock they should be capable of, and could also date the card. If you end up removing the heatsink, a picture of the markings …

Re: new laptop hard drive

in Milliways
I like hard drives fine in desktops, but SSDs are more suitable for a laptop. With an SSD you don't have to worry about movement or vibration. They also use a little less power, which also means a little less heat to dissipate.

Re: best version of Office to learn

in Milliways
Real story. Some work I did for a customer who lives in the dark ages IT wise, but now suffers the consequences a bit. Yesterday, I had to convert an Access 97 *.mdb to a 'modern' *.accdb with the help of Access 2007, so it could be opened in Access 365 v2401. Access 365 can't convert old stuff. …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

in Milliways
Over the last few days I was trying to install linux Mint as a secondary OS on an Asus A8N-SLI Athlon64. It has a GT520 video card which has good video decoding. Ran into major problems with Mint 20 and Mint 19, most critically with the NVidia drivers. Each offered driver on both those distro …

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