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Re: EDO or fastpage ram?

I test them on a Pentium I system and you get the proper info in the system information table at boot (before loading OS). Like seen here: https://i.imgur.com/2NtY1YS.jpg If mixing FPM and EDO in the same bank it can get confused. So it's best to test the same modules in one bank at a time. AIDA16 …

Re: How often do you buy a brand new computer ?

in Milliways
I have never bought a new prebuilt computer from the store. My father bought new Atari 800XL in the eighties. My first AT PC was a used non-branded 286-16 and I did upgrades to it up to 2001 when I switched to ATX standard. Parts I remember I bought new: - 2x 1MB 30-pin SIMM - AMD 287 boxed - Acer …

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