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Re: When PC became soulless for you?

in Milliways
... Guys, what's borderline for you? Or maybe you are still excited with new computers and the charm is still here? The 'PC' was never soulless. Biggest thing to happen to the original IBM PC standard was the cloning of it by Compaq et al that opened up a flexible 'open' standard for its hardware. …

Re: How did you get started on retro computing?

in Milliways
eesz34 wrote on 2022-07-07, 21:43: What was the point/event that made you decide to intentionally obtain and run old hardware? ... Never got rid of stuff, just revisited older stuff, usually after over-hyped new stuff. Just various stuff merging into more stuff.

Re: PCIE Graphics Card

Do you remember the PCX 5950 sporting a different, much larger cooler than the 5900s? The AGP FX 5950 apparently came with a dual-slot cooler very similar to the FX 5800 (some single-slot designs exist, but they all have crazy dual or even triple fan coolers), suggesting that the FX 5900 cooler was …

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