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Re: VR look back

in Milliways
robertmo wrote on 2020-10-07, 05:32: In real life you only need to slightly turn your head to look back. In goggles you need to turn back almost completely. Really annoying. Low FOV from headsets doesn't help compared to reality, but should get better with newer tech.

Re: OPL3-compatibles

Most OPL alternative sound cards have issues with 2/3 bit ADPCM. Regarding OPL, ESFM has issues with one of the tracks in Tyrion 2000. Dune is a good litmus test for OPL as well. Crystal FM can sound a bit thin at times. There are other clones that I haven't tested much of yet, and there's the …

Re: Alien Trilogy - what's yer take?

in Milliways
Another one of these dos games I've never played and won't be anytime soon judging from the prices shown on ebay. Wonder why GOG hasn't picked it up yet? Is it hard to get going on a "proper system"? Seems like it would be a prime candidate for a mod too. Don't know what happened to its price ‐ …

Re: Rack recommendations for Midi devices etc.?

Ah I see... and do you know, how I can manage to mount my SC-55 etc. on tha wall mount? Is there some special sort of mounting stuff? There are many types of rack cases/ enclosures. They all have standardised widths. They can be mounted on walls, desks and left on the floor. Look for 'audio racks'. …

Re: To find the right projects and retro computers AKA what should I build or focus on? (486,Pentium 1-4?)

Those arguments towards a versatile 486 play right into my need of one :P And I'll have a look into the Coppermine P3s. Prices are not too inflated. Is it absolutely neccesary to have a Socket 370 board with ISA or is a PCI card compatible enough for the games a P3 would run (the ones that are too …

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