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Re: Memorable game mods

in Milliways
played it only once and very briefly, but yes, that was a thing: https://doom.fandom.com/wiki/Aliens_TC Also, I'd assume that the obvious ones like counter-strike don't count as "old games" in this context, but I spent copious amounts of time on the early "Day of Defeat" betas. Those took some …

Re: Rarest CPUs?

...hard to define... not even close, but honorable mention: Beside the Intel 486 DX2-50 there's also the DX-50 without the clock doubling, for 50 MHz FSB. They get confused a lot and the DX-50 is very rare in comparison. Also, I have many DX2-66, like everyone else. But one was, IIRC, produced in …

Re: Is there a Dual Head PCI video card?

in Milliways
So, can you guys suggest a PCI dual monitor card that has dual monitor drivers for Windows 3.1? Don't think there are any. Most were happy to afford one monitor. The few cards that existed were probably used with special drivers for CAD software... Be sure to report back here if you find a 3.1 …

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