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GF3 DVI + NEC1970NX > Problem

in Marvin \ Video
hey, I finally had a bit more time and installed my GF3 TI to be able to use DVI out. So far all works fine but there is a little problem. When I start e.g. Wing Commander 3 and watch the intro in the scenes when it switches between the actors (like when they stay in front of the Concordia) the …

Re: PCI Sata Win98

HOWEVER, fdisk and format that come standard with win 98 are bugged and have problems above 64GB. Fdisk is the more critical one as it has problems creating partitions on drives above 64GB, either find a patched fdisk, or partition it with another OS. Format only has a display bug and shows a …

2 Video Cards Win98 : problem?

in Marvin \ Video
Since in my really small office the Gaming computer has only DP, HDMI and DVI I got for this scenario for my DOS box a GeForce3Ti which has DVI and VGA out. As a 3DFX lover I still would like to keep a Voodoo3 inside the box :) just in case I really need it and would set up in that case temporary an …

Re: PCI Sata Win98

It is actually not even 32gb. Fdisk shows me only 23604MB without any partition on the drive. I thought the bios from the controller manage in this case the size (which is correct shown on boot). The mainboard should not limit the drive here or? @chinny22 the boot DOM has 16GB, 2GB FAT16 for DOS and …

PCI Sata Win98

hey community, I got me this cheap SATA PCI controller based on a sil3114 chipset on ebay. So far so got. Hardware installed and CD came with a Win98 driver. Board is an Asus P5A Bios 1010 beta2. I connected as test a 160GB sata drive which gets on boot normally recognized by the controller. However …

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