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Re: PX: a versatile XMIDI player

I tried PX player in DOSBOX, it seems trying to find .AD/.OPL in current directory, even if I specified the abs path of the xmi, it doesn't find the 2 files in target dir. And the DrvDef.ini is not working I have to set it in command line. Is it related to Dosbox? Also it sound different form the …

Re: Ripping midi tracks from a game

VyZi wrote on 2021-01-25, 10:48: Sorry for bumping this old post but how did you manage to rip these? Sometimes the files just lie in the game directory, sometimes I used a simple self-written extract tool: Universal XMI extractor.

Re: Prometheus ARIA16 Sound Card

Either use INSTALL.EXE, or put this into your ARENA.BAT: @A -sariadig.adv -mariaxmid.adv Also, look here or there for a more extensive list of games with native ARIA support. More or less comprehensive list of ARIA supporting games: Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse Capitalism Deluxe Darkhalf Dark Queen …

Re: Pro Audio Spectrum supported games?

chinny22 wrote on 2020-04-21, 10:43: I wouldn't be surprised if some of those games are relying on SB compatibility rather then outright support. 8-bit PAS has no SB compatibility. Hence the Thunderboard in the configuration mentioned by OP. Later 16-bit versions of PAS incorporated a Thunderboard …

Re: Pro Audio Spectrum supported games?

Define 'correct'. If you mean 'are all the 630 MobyGames records correctly depict PAS support', then I don't know. What I do know though, is that Audio Interfrace Library and its heir Miles Sound System both support 8-bit PAS, and while AIL appeared circa 1991, the DOS version of MSS was maintaned …

Re: EMU Proteus/1 support for Sierra games?

I don't think you can force Proteus/1 to be GM compatible simply by altering its patch map. It has an ability to renumber its patches, but this doesn't apply to drum sets. And while Proteus/1 has several drum sets, none of them are GM compatible. Windows 3.1 drivers solve this problem by …

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