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Re: VST Midi Driver Midi Mapper

This is truly epic. Now one can switch between the two best MIDI synths for gaming pretty much on the fly without messing around with the setup panel. Not too long ago I was already happy the driver was functional again at all. Now it can pull off stunts I've never even dared to dream of. Tons of …

Re: Yamaha XG emulation at last

Once I am able to tell an actual difference/quality improvement between the S-YXG50 and this emulator, I'm going to be sold on the general concept. However, as Falco has pointed out above, the VSTi plugin sounds anything but "crappy" to me, I must say. In fact it's amazing how much sound quality …

Re: Terminal Velocity Boosted Edition

Just a side note: SLADE3 (yes, the Doom editor) is able to edit, extract and save POD files. However, currently it only works for original (pre-Boosted Edition) PODs. Apparently they are using a new format now which SLADE cannot recognize - yet. Once it does, it should be pretty easy to compare and …

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