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Re: Vortex 2 TOSLINK cd music help

I didn't find it yet. Was looking photos in www very closely. Power +5V is fourth pin at the bottom line from left to right. Probably another +5V pin is fifth at the top line from left to right. You may seek digital TTL output on other pins .

Re: Vortex 2 TOSLINK cd music help

maverick85 , Vortex 2 has at least two digital inputs. First is connected to AC97 with its ADC and attached to analog mixer, second is attached to separated S/PDIF input. It can be used with CDROM or any other S/PDIF source. All you need is reveal on your "some pins" power +5V line and do not touch …

Re: Vortex 2 TOSLINK cd music help

The Vortex 2 DSP is configured in its driver with absolutely separated digital output. I.e. all inputs from AC97 are not routed to digital output. I think if you'd use CD digital input on your card you could get CD Audio tracks on digital out. Try digital tract between CDROM and your Aureal card. …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

James-F , no. The main point of new modern clones is to have maximum possible functionality. In relation to current project: we have 28mb RAM, OPL, second separate MPU channel, WB header - all rolled into one. And fixed bugs/disadvantages. The point is to copy original and make it cheap is if we …

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