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Re: 8 vs 12mb Voodoo 2 performance

Any card somebody was dumping in 2003 would have ended up in the trash if somebody didn't save it (this was even before the e-waste boom a decade ago making things worse). To complain about pricing and availability now is kind of funny when there would be no supply if somebody had not saved them a …

Re: Identify unknown TSENG ET4000/w32P card

A soft pencil eraser or Pentel Click eraser is good for cleaning edge connector contacts. Some VLB motherboards are not exactly flat anymore and you need to make sure the 32 bit end of the card is actually seated correctly. The lighting on pictures makes things look weird when they are not. R35 …

Re: Bought these games today

in Milliways
Color copiers made it to market in the late 70's and were widely in use in even the 1980's. Maybe in certain markets but they were not the norm. Back when I was in college in the late 80's and early 90's I used to hit the Kinkos on campus to copy notes. All the copiers were B&W that people could …

Re: EARLIEST CD-ROM Drives that could Read CD-R's ???

in Milliways
"The following information comes from my all-time favorite hardware reference guide, Scott Mueller’s Upgrading and Repairing PCs: Green dye, gold metal: This is the standard type of CD-R and the first to be developed. It has a rated lifespan of 10 years and uses cyanine dye, which can be more …

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