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Re: What kind of problems should I expect when overclocking the FSB from 66Mhz to 83.3Mhz?

I've run many Socket 7 boards at 83 MHz (both Intel and Via), and never had an issue. The only AGP system where I've ever run the AGP bus way out of spec was an Epox 8K3A+ (KT333). I ran that board at 209 MHz FSB (209/5= 41.8 MHz, 83.6 AGP) for years. Anything higher than that and my hard drive …

Re: What TV shows are you watching now?

Masters of the Air has been enjoyable so far. The part of WW-2 history has always been an interest of mine, and so far it has been as authentic as I think it's possible to be given the constraints of the budget and making a show that people will be willing to watch.

Re: GeForce4 Ti 4200 replacement fan?

I have those knockoff Chinese coolers on my GeForce 4 cards. They aren't great, but the are significantly better than stock, inexpensive, and readily available. There are Chinese replica card coolers for GeForce 4 cards on Ebay if keeping the card stock looking is important to you.

Re: AMD K6 3DMARK, aiming for stars.

Damn you're getting epic scores... My system: -Soyo 5EMA+ V1.1 -1MB cache -K6-III+ @620MHz (112x5.5) -Geforce 2 GTS -256MB RAM (1 stick) -Voodoo 2 -Aureal Vortex 2 -Orpheus II -32GB MicroSD as HDD -Windows 98SE with Unofficial SP3 -Directx9 from the SP3 Everything is set tightest in BIOS and after …

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