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Re: Need help finding childhood Super 7 mobo w/ big Dragonfly on box (ALI Aladdin chipset)

Lets play Devils advocate here. You never saw the motherboard ever, you only saw the box. You will never find this box even if you knew what it was. Your nostoalgia is based on specs and a box. So what difference does it make what board you get as long as it has the same specs. Since you never saw …

Re: Silicon Valley Mountains on FIRE.

This was what the Camp Fire did to the rental I was living in. At 7:30 that morning, all news reports were that the fire was small, and far away from Paradise, so I left as I would have on any other day. I saved nothing but the clothes I was wearing, and I used a company vehicle so I lost all of my …

Re: The merits of Socket 7 processors - Intel P54C/P55C | AMD K5/K6/K6-2 | Cyrix/IBM 6x86 | IDT Winchip

I will always wonder if AMD ever made any engineering samples of Athlon core CPUs for Socket 7? The 321 pin socket was likely a limiting factor, and seeing how far they were able to push the 462 pin Socket A, it was no doubt a good move on their part to go that route. But Intel were able to push …

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