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Retro Game Collector Accused Of Selling $100k Worth Of Fakes

in Milliways
The retro PC game collecting scene was rocked by an unexpected scandal last week when a prominent member of the community, who was also a moderator of a major Facebook group, was accused of selling people fake copies of classic games. https://kotaku.com/retro-fake-forgery-bbpcgc-pc-ultima-classic- …

Re: Deus ex freezing at startup

in Windows
Suggestions : try a newer machine try running in glide with nglide or zackensacks wrapper http://www.zeckensack.de/glide/ try an alternative renderer http://www.cwdohnal.com/utglr/

Re: Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing Controller Settings

in Windows
If your in the U.K theres this for £1.79 (the postage is more) https://www.scan.co.uk/products/mercury-kob430-8-button-ibm-compatible-digital-joypad Or if you want something a bit more versatile SpeedLink Strike NX USB Gamepad for PC it switches between direct input and xinput it will also act like …

Re: Software Rendered games running very fast

in Windows
what you could try is download Ubuntu Gamepack https://ualinux.com/en/ubuntu-gamepack install it onto a usb thumb drive with rufus and run it as a live cd it wont alter your c: drive in any way and just double click on the recoil.exe

Re: Grand Prix 3 Season 2000 wont install (XP)

in Windows
Do you love me -yeah, yeah Do you really love me - yes you do why ? This is the GP3 2000 install fix that seems to have disappeared from the FAQ. here's how to get it working properly. :) - Copy the entire CD (Select every file in Explorer, Copy) to a directory on your hard disk, for example: C:\ …

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