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Re: Resolution problem with "Have a N.i.c.e day"

in Windows
I would try look in the monitor settings for scaling options and turn them off then look in the graphics cards control panel and set that to no scaling try that if it doesn't work also try setting your desktop to 640x480 or 800x600

Retro Game Collector Accused Of Selling $100k Worth Of Fakes

in Milliways
The retro PC game collecting scene was rocked by an unexpected scandal last week when a prominent member of the community, who was also a moderator of a major Facebook group, was accused of selling people fake copies of classic games. https://kotaku.com/retro-fake-forgery-bbpcgc-pc-ultima-classic- …

Re: Deus ex freezing at startup

in Windows
Suggestions : try a newer machine try running in glide with nglide or zackensacks wrapper http://www.zeckensack.de/glide/ try an alternative renderer http://www.cwdohnal.com/utglr/

Re: Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing Controller Settings

in Windows
If your in the U.K theres this for £1.79 (the postage is more) https://www.scan.co.uk/products/mercury-kob430-8-button-ibm-compatible-digital-joypad Or if you want something a bit more versatile SpeedLink Strike NX USB Gamepad for PC it switches between direct input and xinput it will also act like …

Re: Software Rendered games running very fast

in Windows
what you could try is download Ubuntu Gamepack https://ualinux.com/en/ubuntu-gamepack install it onto a usb thumb drive with rufus and run it as a live cd it wont alter your c: drive in any way and just double click on the recoil.exe

Re: Grand Prix 3 Season 2000 wont install (XP)

in Windows
Do you love me -yeah, yeah Do you really love me - yes you do why ? This is the GP3 2000 install fix that seems to have disappeared from the FAQ. here's how to get it working properly. :) - Copy the entire CD (Select every file in Explorer, Copy) to a directory on your hard disk, for example: C:\ …

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