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Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows)

In Hoyle 3 you can bypass this problem by starting the game with: SCIDHUV -fw 0 0 200 320. Use lower case on -fw or you will get an error message. Tested with a few other SCI games and they seem to work OK (Eco Quest and Castle of Dr. Brain) Can somebody please tell me what those command line …

Re: Can't change resolution in batch file?

This is a really good question. And i will just say it again in different ways so Google can find it faster. I took me a while to get here. Is it possible to change resolution from within DOSBox? Is it possible to change resolution from a batch file within DOSBox? Is it possible to change DOSBox …

Re: How to send syx files?

Yeah. Great. Thank you everyone. This is what I did to make it work. 1) Open Munt 2) Tools -> Test MIDI driver. (Then the Tab for "Synth 1" is created.) 3) Tick "Pin Synth" (below the LCD, on the "Synth" box.) 4) Tools -> "Play MIDI File..." 5) Try to play the SYX file (It would not play, but it …

Re: Saving window position in windowed mode

Donno if it's still actual (I guess DOS will be actual forever as long as good old games live), but what a f@#k should I install AutoHotKey — I know it's an awesome tool, but just for DOSBox it has to be in my processes list always? The ideal solution to solve this task was to use Windows command " …

Re: Strange Flashback Speed Problem

Sunnyhat wrote: Problem: So i've been trying to run my old Flashback in DosBox 0.74... ...At (and over) "cycles=fixed 6461" the game runs too fast. Hi Sunnyhat, I just did what you did "cycles=fixed 6461" and it just got perfect speed! as the video on youtube shows as right speed! Thank you!!!!

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