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Re: Trouble locating the REAL Sil3512 Win98 Driver (Silicon Image site is dead, Lattice site useless)

The UPDFLASG utility said 'FAILED RETRY Y/N' , but the computer was frozen, so I couldn't attempt again. When rebooting, where the option rom would usually run the computer hangs. I can't find an option to disable the option Rom on this bios. Put the card in my socket AM3 computer. Blocks the BIOS …

Re: Ykhwong's Daum Build and OSX

The 27.01.2014 is the latest build that works for me on 10.10. I'm giving a proper URL here, as its named incorrectly on official site, and hence it's impossible to get it: http://ykhwong.x-y.net/downloads/dosbox/_osx_/20140127_i386.zip It's a static one. More recent builds don't work here. 20150103 …

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