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Re: Metaltech: Earthsiege intro problem?

as I think that's what was recommended but that didn't help so I tried setting it "cycles=50000" to "cycles=max" and that helps a little but it still is very sluggish. But it is showing. If anybody knows how to make it smoother that would be perfect but for now I am very happy to see the intro …

Re: Metaltech: Earthsiege intro problem?

I typed "cd sierra" then "cd mtech" then "dir" to see the directory, then I typed "es" now nothing happens in dosbox, it's just a blank screen. The top says "Program: PLAYFLIC" if that means anything. I had a similar problem with the CD demo of the game. I think this was caused by something not …

Re: Metaltech: Earthsiege intro problem?

so how do I now install the iso file? I imagine I should have a folder with all the files and not just one iso file from the offical "tribesuniverse" site. The ISO file (a CD image), once mounted, acts as if it were a CD in a virtual CD-ROM drive. As mentioned above you need to run the installer to …

Re: Tyrian 2000 - non-English versions & updated demo

in Milliways
The updated demo with the fixed English interface can be downloaded here: https://www.dosgamesarchive.com/download/tyrian-2000/ You can also use the demo binaries with the full version release of Tyrian 2000 , thus updating it to the latest official DOS version. I don't remember if I mentioned this …

Re: Rare and lost demo/shareware releases wanted list

in Milliways
2FAST4YOU a.k.a. BiFi Race Type: Full version (?) Version: Disk version File name: bifidisk.zip File size: 1.4 MiB Reference: http://www.orangegames.com/games.htm NOTES: 2FAST4YOU was a promotional advergame for BiFi snacks released in Germany in 1995. However it was developed by a Dutch team …

Re: dogs in video games

in Milliways
ElBrunzy wrote on 2020-09-05, 14:05: So I think we could do such a list and maintain it over time, if I feel like it. MobyGames has a list of games with dogs/wolves: https://www.mobygames.com/game-group/animals-dogs-wolves

Non-standard VGA modes and aspect=true

As of late I ran into a few games that use various non-standard VGA modes/resolutions, including very odd (literally) stuff like 320x181 (Mike Wiering's Mario clone ), 320x203 ( Overdrive demo ), as well as 320x200 modes like in Jazz Jackrabbit and Rayman . In all these cases, DOSBox does not …

Re: FastDoom 0.4. A new Doom port for DOS, optimized to be as fast as possible for 386/486 personal computers!

As I recall, DeHackEd does rely on binary data and offsets, which is naturally different for every different executable, including the different versions of Doom (up to 1.9) and the custom "1.9" builds for Ultimate Doom and Final Doom. So DeHackEd will not modify FastDoom (like it won't any other …

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