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Need help with MPU401 standard mystery.

I have been researching on the Roland offerings from internal units to external units. So far I found out that LCPC / SCC offerings are identical to ext units but with integrated MPU401. Stand alone MPU401 cards sell for more than 200 USD in the market. I know most sound cards have Joystick and midi …

Re: Cleaning up old kit

I've cleaned motherboards and graphics cards in the sink with dish brush, no problem. But you need to dry your components fast directly afterwards since otherwise corrosion can occur. I use the oven on about 75 degrees celsius (that's 167 F for you Americans) for around 30-45 mins. Yup i agree with …

Re: Old Japanese Games for PC (DOS/Win9x)

in Milliways
After reading the post, I was so interested in playing them that I tried searching all over the net. And I came across this : Edit : Link Removed. Would appreciate it if any of the forum members can enlighten me if the page is providing the download links for the full games or just the music. Thanks …

Re: It's a "Can you remember this game?" thread!!

in Milliways
Can someone help me with this? It came out somewhere in the early to mid 90s. A party of 4 setting out, can't remember if its turn based or realtime RPG. You started out battling some slime enemies in a cave? Then you have to build a ship to get across the sea or something. But the ship is too …

Some suggestions related to File resources here.

in PC Emulation
I would like to say this site is just plain Awesome! So many retrolicious details and information not available elsewhere. After visiting here, I have forked out enuf money hunting for childhood retro items to buy a brand new quad core system. 1st of all, VOGONS Vintage Driver Library is almost …

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