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Re: DOSBox Feature Request Thread

I'm requesting a feature, not sure if it's possible, but due to Windows 10 kicking out MIDI mappers constantly to install it's own garbage GM MIDI driver, I'd like to request that, DOSBox use FluidSynth for a software General MIDI solution. I learned about it because Doomsday Engine was having a …

Re: Lag when using FRAPS with Dosbox

I've been testing extensively and learning a lot about FRAPS and Dosbox interactions.. Here is what I have found out needs to be done. Play the game in a window using DDraw. You can double the resolution if the window is too small. Set FRAPS to record at 70fps. It seems most DOS games run at 35Hz …

Re: Menzoberranzan issue

Thanks, Dominius! I spent most of yesterday getting all the other games up and running.. After figuring it out with Menzoberranzan, the other's were a breeze... Looks like I'll be entertained for the next month or so.. Time to slip back into that mid 90's Time Machine! 😀

Re: Menzoberranzan issue

Thanks guys, so much for offering the help. Wish I had thought to dig the original up before I posted and wasted people's time! I also found my original disks for Blood, Quake, Hexen, Dungeon Hack, Anvil of Dawn and Ravenloft: Stone Prophet!!!

Re: Menzoberranzan issue

I finally dug out the original Menzoberranzan CD (I think I gave my hernia a hernia!) and got it working making an ISO with ImgBurn.. I don't know what it was.. I couldn't get the one from the Masterpiece collection to work. Tossed it in the garbage, now that I found the original.. It works, Thank …

Menzoberranzan issue

I'm trying to get Menzoberranzan CD version working with DosBox 0.74 and, while I found an old topic talking about it that was closed as "resolved", it actually made no sense to me. In it, it says to get it working by editing INFO.DAT to point to the C drive. The only issue with this is, it's not a …

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