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Re: Okay! Pentium 60 it is: and tips on motherboards or adapting a socket5/socket 7 one?

Got my first Pentium60 system in February 1995 and now I have 4 - unfortunately all in generic cases, not a single one of the nicer OEM based ones of yesteryears. If a gfx card does not cooperate in Win9x one has to reconfigure the irqs, which was, in my case, needed to get Matrox cards to work(I …

Re: Pentium Pro

The 16bit code issue won't matter with most software as the cpu is fast enough to "render" the issue inane. Addtionally the dos software one is most likely to run on such machines is 32bit as in a DPMI host sitting on top of DOS. I guess a 1MB PPro + fastvid or a Voodoo would be a connoisseur's way …

Re: 486 board with UMC 8881E/8886B: The winner is: EDO without L2 (if your only other option is L2 at 3-2-2-2)

Lovely thread - MkArcher your cache board looks promising! I wonder if speeds above 50mhz fsb are feasible on the late era chipsets... wether UMC or SiS I never got far with optimum timings. I also tried feeding the s/rams with a slightly higher voltage but this did not provide any benefits. The …

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