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Re: Pentium 200 Mmx With 256kb External Cache And Pentium 200 With 512kb External Cache

One of the strengths that the PMMX has over the older core is an improved method for branch prediction. But for practical purposes(no matter how much cache) using the older core won't make that much of a difference since you're using "486 era" software. The original P200 is also more rare than the …

Re: To find the right projects and retro computers AKA what should I build or focus on? (486,Pentium 1-4?)

You're pretty much set with a socket5/7 board for older stuff unless you want a really slow machine in which case you can turn off the chaches and see if this yields the "performance" you want. Concerning the more modern 2D cards - always go for the one with the best picture quality. For me …

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