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Re: vdmsound ipx stutter

Maybe the stock windows XP Soundblaster 2.0 emulation works for you for this game? details in C:\WINDOWS\system32\AUTOEXEC.NT @echo off REM Az AUTOEXEC.BAT fájl nem használható az MS-DOS környezet REM paramétereinek beállítására. Az AUTOEXEC.NT látja el ezt REM a feladatot, kivéve, ha az alkalmazás …

Re: vdmsound ipx stutter

collector wrote: VDMSound is an old project that has not been updated in a long time. Try DOSBox. I try dosbox but other computer(amd athlon 2800+(2 ghz) 512 memory, at 2600 hd pro vga winxp) is not good enought to play grand prix 2:( .

vdmsound ipx stutter

Hi all! I play gp2 via vdmsound with network low level on and i also tick cap dod timer frequency. When i play single player the game runs very very fast(more than i neded like speedy gonzales). When i try to play over lan the game runs good, but stuttering. How can i solve this?

Re: DOSBox lan with non DOSBox pc

Hey Philip00, what does your configuration file says? Check the following section and make sure you set all the correct values: [ne2000] # ne2000: Enable Ethernet passthrough. Requires [Win]Pcap. # nicbase: The base address of the NE2000 board. # nicirq: The interrupt it uses. Note serial2 uses …

Re: DOSBox lan with non DOSBox pc

Hey Philip00, that worked for me(DOSBox MegaBuild and winpcap were installed): DOSBox(Win XP): Start your DOSBox. Run the NE2000 DOS drivers in this order - LSL.COM - NE2000.COM - IPXODI.COM and that's all about that. Winpcap has to be active but when you installed it properly, I think it should …

Re: Dsobox lan with non dosbox pc

leileilol wrote: For IPX passthrough, you do not use IPXNET, but LSL / NE2000./ IPXODI. hal-9000's site should have downloads for that All or just one of these? EDIT: i try to use all but when i want to use NE2000 always said: The board cannot be found now what? 🙁

Re: Dsobox lan with non dosbox pc

1. Network Neightborhood properties 2. IPX properties should have a checkbox for it Thnaks man i try it and i write here the result:)) NEWS: with your help develop:) the Win98 machine in game also try to find machine, good:) But somewhat they don't find each other, maybe i do something wrong in win …

Re: Dsobox lan with non dosbox pc

You only need to install WinPcap on your XP system. Don't forget to have the IPX protocol installed on the Win98 computer, preferably with NetBIOS enabled. You don't have to install IPX on XP. The NE2000 DOS drivers through the IPX Passthrough DOSBox Megabuild will take care of that stuff (per …

Re: Dsobox lan with non dosbox pc

Hey Philip00, it is possible! You can play lan with one PC using DOSBox and the other without using DOSBox. You need the DOSBox MegaBuild. Follow this link for the MegaBuild: http://home.arcor.de/h-a-l-9000/ And you'll also need winpcap: http://www.winpcap.org/ Hope that'll help you! :happy: Vince …

Re: Grand Prix 2

Check out these two guides: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=8933 http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=5385 If you still have problems, post everything that you have tried for more help. I tried everything and it faster little bit but in te game i can set 14.2 frame per second (and …

Grand Prix 2

Hi all I have 2ghz amd athlon asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard 512 mb ram, saphhire radeon 2600 hd pro graphic card in Win xp. I play gp2 via dosbox 0.74 but it's very slow, why? i alredy did put more cycle(ctrl+f12) but always same(only 14 frame per second in Svga mod) . please help me and sorry for …

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