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Re: Temple Operating System

in Milliways
Poor Terry. He was the definition of a crazy genius. Temple OS is really fascinating, not just from the standpoint of OS development, but also a look into the mind of a talented, but deeply troubled man.

Re: Worst LucasArts/Sierra adventure game

in Milliways
Some red-hot takes in this thread. Here's my luke-warm ones. Sierra: Codename: Iceman - boring game with a lackluster story that fails to capture the feeling the game wants to project Police Quest - Procedural cop simulator isn't that fun. The game is way more fun and entertaining when you mess up …

Re: Origin or Steam

in Milliways
Steam has a MASSIVELY larger library, and not everything on the platform has DRM, or has DRM that is so trivial to remove it may as well not exist (like, literally create "steam_appid.txt" in the game folder that contains the corresponding game's Steam App ID number AND NOTHING ELSE) that it is far …

Re: Unofficial Soundbanks for Dreamblaster X2/X3M

Hi People, now there are two more Soundbanks available for our little Dreamblasters: GXSCC GM and OPL-3 FM 64M ! Just tried the OPL3 one on the Dreamblaster X2 I received today, and it's pretty great. The woodwind instruments are particularly pleasing. The only weird thing is that the drums sound …

Re: Questions on CoPros

in Milliways
Because math co-pros cost like $2000+ back in the day. They were nearly as much as an entire computer. No developer wants to lock people out of a game for not having a $2000 piece of equipment with limited functionality and little or no real-world use in games. *cough*RTX*COUGH*

Re: OSSC input VGA output HDMi

You might want to check VideoGamePerfection's forum, since they're the ones who develop the firmware for the OSSC: https://videogameperfection.com/forums/topic/ossc-pentium-233-mmx/ You may need to adjust timings or configure the OSSC to pass-through higher resolutions, or only use 2x upscaling, …

Re: Which VLB Video Card to Keep?

I think you should keep the card that has better image quality on the monitor that you use. A 5% benchmark improvement is nothing to brag about if the display image looks like trash, either because of signal interference or poor compatibility with your software. IF money is your motivation, you …

Re: Need Help on Choosing Roland SC-55

This is something I did not expect to exist outside PCs... I mean, you can't just use an emulator to run every game with an external MIDI device/engine, right? This is actually taking a rom, and ripping the midi file and soundfont from it, then loading it into a midi player with the output being …

Re: Need Help on Choosing Roland SC-55

If you're only using it for games, any version of the SC-55 is going to work fine. If you want to do more interesting stuff like loading Gameboy Advance music files into it to create high-quality remasters of them, you'll want an SC-88 Pro. See this for an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= …

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