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Re: Help me remember this game :-)

No, not that one. The game in question doesn't have fairies. I'll go through all late kings quest to see if the intro has a storybook. thanks edit:well it's not kings quest. note: searching quest for glory was a bad idea too. Anyone has more ideas?

Help me remember this game :-)

I love games were I can go fast and destroy things, that's me. However my girlfriend loves point and click adventures. She tolerates my retrorigs invading the apartment as long as there is some leisure suit larry, sam and max, monkey island, etc. So help me out in remembering this game because it's …

Re: Guess the game!!

Actually I did not knew the game, sorry. But you gave 2 hints 🤣 . Anyway, if it got mechwarriors it's cool. You have to guess game from a image right?

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