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Re: Alias for DOS?

in DOS
To complement the prior responses with a bit more detail, place nano.bat in your path, such as C:\DOS. The file could contain the following lines: @echo off pico %1 The above will result in someone typing nano autoexec.bat being executed as pico autoexec.bat . If pico accepts more parameters or …

Re: It might be a good idea to open a session for Apple

in Milliways
The more the merrier? I have some fond memories of gaming on a classroom Mac, even if the most of my life I've spent gaming on PCs. There were some really cool games back in the days of Ambrosia that were even exclusive to the Mac. Like some others pointed out, it might make sense to make it a non- …

Re: Reasons to hate modern games

in Milliways
Too many games try to be interactive movies. Not dismissing Call-of-DOOty here, but the one thing that unites all the bad games today (and from which a lot of bad stuff such as linearity and unskippable cutscenes stem from) is the fact that games became a vehicle for narratives to people who should …

Re: Voodoo2: video is offset

Yeah... tube monitors feel like steam engines do nowadays, obsolete, but yet somehow still beautiful. This weirdness with the image adjustments is very specific to the 3Dfx add-on card (or separate "3D-accelerator") solution. Starting with the Voodoo3 (which has the more standard video card design, …

Re: Voodoo2: video is offset

Hi, do I have a faulty Diamond Monster 3D II? As you can see in the screenshots the screen screen is offset to the right. Right now I'm capturing the PC throught a VGA-HDMI converter, but the issue appears also with a VGA monitor connected directly. It is a LCD tho, I don't have a CRT. It happens …

Re: DirectX and OpenGL problems for my Matrox G200?

The 'Cannot Display This Video Mode'-error is likely caused by the video card trying to push a refresh rate that your monitor can't handle. Be sure to go over the settings for different resolutions in Windows' Display Properties and set the default (rather than optimal) refresh rate for different …

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