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Re: PCem v17

Usually if a excellent good open source software gets a new maintainer/developer, the thing just "dies", it is just my observation :( Well sometimes the developer really dies :( Exactly!! I hope Sarah to have a nice rest and take all the time she need to recover and then when she is ready to come …

Re: PCem v17

I've restored the site - removing it was a knee-jerk reaction and not the most productive thing to do. Forums will remain closed as I no longer believe I have the energy or ability to moderate them. I still don't intend to continue the project, but am open to handing it over if anyone wants to take …

Re: Deathtrap Dungeon

in Windows
Tested with Win7 64-bit. Don't have the troubles with the sound in the game. "No music" is Xp only, so - the fix is for the Xp. Hello, I know that this thread is old but I have to say that I have fixed unfortunately with the inmm application like BloodBat, this game didin't want to load cdda (cd …

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