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Re: WinGroove lives again (in soundfont form)

I am using WinGroove A5 as reference. I'm willing to replace samples with ROM ones, though, I would like to do so from your updated version, so as not to duplicate/undo work(passing the mutex). Also, I suggest an IM medium for better passing the mutex, if you agree(I'm available on IRC/Discord).

Re: WinGroove lives again (in soundfont form)

Nice! A few notes on this subject, if you are still around. The PCM encoding of WINGROOV.TPD samples is U-LAW, but with lower half of sample inverted. http://dystopiancode.blogspot.com/2012/02/pcm-law-and-u-law-companding-algorithms.html The woodblock instrument(and probably others as well) are …

Trouble with DosBox Daum and OPL passtrough

Hello, I've recently bought an Esolo1 PCI soundcard and have successfully got adplug to play OPL trough it using PortTalk. Hardware address was 0x9400. Now I'm trying to get DosBox Daum's OPL passtrough to work with it but had no success so far. This is part of config: [sblaster] oplmode=hardware …

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