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Re: Voodoo 2 DOS Glide compatibility matrix

I found this zip archive on a French software CD (dated 1998) http://www.mediafire.com/download/09n2lmnss0vhc1y/PANDEMONIUM3DFX.ZIP It says its a voodoo 2 fix for pandemonium, it has a bat file and pandy3.exe (i dont know if its the same as included with the game) Here are the contents of the bat …

Re: Reelmagic/Realmagic MPEG games

in DOS
I've since picked up some more of these but have not dumped any of them. I'm still interested in this topic but unfortunately, nobody with skills ever expressed interest in trying to get these games running without the special hardware. I meant for people who own the realmagic cards but have no …

Re: Reelmagic/Realmagic MPEG games

in DOS
I've acquired MPEG versions of two games: 1) Conspiracy by Cryo (AKA KGB). In the non-MPEG CD version, Donald Sutherland's character speaks to you in the worst example of full-screen FMV I've ever seen - terrible resolution. I haven't been able to get the MPEG version to play, but it has standard …

Games with different graphics for PCI and AGP cards?

in Windows
I found out that the PC version of G-Police has an option for AGP cards only where the game supposedly has better graphics (most notably the billboards have full videos instead of just animations.) Does anyone know if there are any other games like this that have an option for AGP cards only?

Re: RIP 32 bit PC gaming?

in Milliways
If they only have an updated version of the kernel, yes there will be 32bit version. But if they realise that the vast majority of computers that were sold the last 6-8 years is 64bit, they may intenionally cut it off to force some more users to update. Anyway, the visual changes are "meeeeh" in my …

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