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Re: Bare 3Dfx Voodoo 2 board pictures

These serial terminators are mandatory only for long traces. If chips are placed closely absolutely no need to place them. I had no problem without these on my v2 sli project. I would not recommend to develop any v2 projects, since sources for tmu chips are depleting (or already depleted) and chip …

Re: Quantum3D Mercury Brick Personal Recreation

I like the enthusiasm but starting out with a project this big you're likely going to be frustrated really soon and just abandon everything. This 200sbi card is not much complex on its main part, 2 voodoo2 in sli and pci-pci bridge. Easy to replicate. But the left side of the board is quite …

Re: Reverse-Engineering the 3DFX VSA-100 Chipset

considering the fact that even such operation as xl9572 cpld cracking costs a lot (it requires precise work on a special equipment), i can't even imagine how much complete reversing of vsa100 silicon would cost. that's only the first step. asic silicon production costs a really big money.

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