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Re: Giving windows Vista a second chance

in Milliways
Vista completely failed: a matter of public consensus and record: case closed. http://www.fool.com/investing/2016/11/14/the-biggest-flops-in-microsofts-history.aspx 7 is/was extremely successful. So much so that Microsoft desperately shut down retail sales. Otherwise it would have/will live(d) on …

Re: OEM vs Generic/custom builds

in Milliways
My early PC history: Philips P 3238: OEM 286: worked great (dealer) Custom 486 DX 33: worked great (mail order) Custom Pentium 90 (local shop) Custom Pentium 133 (regional dealer) Custom Pentium 800 (local shop) Custom Pentium IV (national chain) Custom Pentium IV (DiGiDice gift by designer) …

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