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Re: Sound Driver Enhancement Hacks - General MIDI

in DOS
tikalat, I noticed in the MIDI file for Descent 1 Game10.hmp.mid, there are notes 92 and 93 in channel 10, which are invalid for the standard drum kit. Can you patch in a fix to remove that incorrect data?

Re: games that are better on a Macintosh

Many pre-Quicktime Mac OS games used an audio engine called SoundMusicSys. The engine eventually became the Beatnik Audio Engine, and is available as open source at Twang! | miniBAE To extract the music, you could use ResEdit in Classic Mac OS to access the music data in the resource fork. Or you …

Re: Identify This Packard Bell Software

I still have my Packard Bell CDs, but unfortunately I disposed of the computer around the year 2000 or so. I think the executable has MIDI embedded because the demo.bat file has this content: @ECHO OFF HTVESA.COM 1 LH C:\SGNXPRO\DRIVERS\TAPISG LH C:\SGNXPRO\DRIVERS\VMP marun PART1 -c C:\SGNXPRO\ …

Re: Audigy 2 ZS not Detected with Install CD

After some web searching, I found the instructions to allow the OEM Audigy 2 ZS to work with the Creative driver CD. See the instructions from user Magnux here AnandTech Forums - Audigy 2: ZS retail vs. OEM ...If this is something you want to do, follow the manual method (not automatic method) at …

Re: Cmedia CMI8738 - maybe its Biggest Secret

I compared the memory before and after loading the driver for the CMI8738 in MS-DOS. I am able to get FM playback from a cold boot with no audio driver loaded in autoexec.bat after I poke the mem addresses, but no proper SFX playback. The driver configured for TX by itself it seems. Sound effects in …

Re: Cmedia CMI8738 - maybe its Biggest Secret

I couldn't get my Pentium 2 computer working. So, I installed a CMI 8738 model 55 in my Pentium 4 ASRock 775i65G motherboard (Intel ICH5 southbridge). I heard adlib music and sound blaster sfx in Wolfenstein-3d in MS-DOS, so that means DDMA is working with the official driver. I used the MS-DOS …

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