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Original Doom MIDIs used in OS/2 port

in Milliways
I read on the DoomWorld forums that the OS/2 port of Doom used the pre-MUS MIDI originals Doom pre-MUS original source MIDI files. Might this revelation improve the accuracy of MUS2MIDI conversions of other Doom engine games? Or is the MUS2MIDI conversions already at 100%?

Re: The way to detect OPL3 clone

Analog Devices 1868 from Aztech SC16-3d AD1868 - Fail The AD1868 does exist, but it is an 18-bit stereo audio DAC, which doesn't even contain an OPL3-compatible FM synthesizer. The chip used on the SC16-3D is the AD1816, the post by Stretch obviously used the wrong model number. You're correct. I …

Re: Game box cover art vs in-game graphics

in Milliways
Yes, I poorly worded it. I thought it would be cool if there was a way to play those 70s/80s games like Battlezone, Zaxxon, Moon Patrol, etc. with the same exact gameplay/engine/physics/sounds, but with graphics that were depicted on the cover art. I started watching that Liminal Spaces video, and …

Game box cover art vs in-game graphics

in Milliways
The game box cover art on old pc booter games, like Battlezone, looked much better than the actual in-game graphics. Are computers fast enough now to have graphics exactly like the cover art? I want to play Battlezone with the exact same graphics like this picture Battlezone (1980) box cover art - …

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