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Re: Windows 7 licenses

andrea wrote on 2020-11-02, 19:01: **The source leak from last month it's missing Winlogon and, therefore, the activation stuff, so that can't be either. Darn. I was hoping a one-and-done offline activation patch would come out of that.

Re: Windows 7 licenses

Not sure how much of this applies to Windows 7, but I've learned some interesting things about Windows XP activation over the years. This will likely provoke some cries of "but that violates the license agreement, blah blah blah"... yeah, okay, maybe. What interests me is whether Microsoft actually …

Re: Windows XP on SD card

True, and those things can be super useful. But there's also a beauty to the simplicity-through-complexity of old spinning disks... plug and play in the truest sense of the word. No fiddling required. Plus they provide the whirring and clicking which is an essential part of the experience for some. …

Re: Geforce256 DDR, PIII 933 and XP - best drivers

ForceWare 30.82 and 45.23 have been super solid for me. Used the former with a TNT2 and the latter with tons of Nvidia cards, including a GeForce 256 DDR. No idea if either of those is the best performance-wise but they both rock from a stability and compatibility standpoint. I think those were …

Re: Windows XP on SD card

The thing is that IDE hard drives are becoming scarce They aren't and won't be for any foreseeable future. At least when it comes to high capacity drives (20+ Gb). Ha, I read that and jumped over to eBay in a panic to make sure IDE hard drives are still cheap and plentiful. They are! With so many …

ATI - Do Radeon drivers work with FireGL cards?

I have some Nvidia workstation cards (Quadro4 100 NVS, Quadro4 380 XGL, Quadro FX 500), and I've always used regular ForceWare drivers with them and it has Just Worked™. Which is cool, because I certainly don't need any CAD features and I like using game-optimized drivers that I'm familiar with. …

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