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Re: Good value Win98 Graphic Card

Right. From a purely unscientific, gut feeling standpoint, the GeForce2 is also just a better bet for Windows 98 builds. It was released during Windows 98 and DirectX 7's lifetime, so that is where the driver development effort went. The GeForce4 MX belongs to the post-Windows XP, post-DirectX 8 …

Re: Good value Win98 Graphic Card

GeForce2 Ti outperforms Pro by a wide margin? Indeed. Quake III Arena timedemo results from my Sempron 3000+ test system: 71.3 FPS -- GeForce4 MX420 83.8 FPS -- GeForce2 GTS 87.9 FPS -- GeForce2 Pro 103.0 FPS - GeForce2 Ti 120.7 FPS - GeForce2 Ultra 147.7 FPS - GeForce4 MX440 8x Agree with Joseph …

Re: Good value Win98 Graphic Card

"Good value Win98 graphic card" GeForce2 GTS / Pro/ Ti cards are awesome for Windows 98. Pair with ForceWare 45.23 and you are good to go. These are some of the only good AGP cards that are still affordable. I got a couple on eBay within the last year for less than $20 US. (I'll stop now, I have …

Rage Dawning demo on Windows XP?

I can only find two download links for ATI's Rage Dawning demo, created by 3DForge for the Rage 128: https://archive.org/download/R128Demo/R128Demo.rar https://soggi.org/video-cards/tech-demos.htm The Internet Archive version is part of my Windows 98 test kit. I've run it up on lots of systems with …

Re: Do you keep your retro rigs offline?

in Milliways
I don't connect my Windows 98 and Windows XP systems to the LAN. Not really a security concern (nothing important on those systems anyways), it would just be extra work to set up and I don't see a compelling use case. Flash drives work great for day-to-day file transfers to and from modern Internet- …

Re: Windows 7 licenses

andrea wrote on 2020-11-02, 19:01: **The source leak from last month it's missing Winlogon and, therefore, the activation stuff, so that can't be either. Darn. I was hoping a one-and-done offline activation patch would come out of that.

Re: Windows 7 licenses

Not sure how much of this applies to Windows 7, but I've learned some interesting things about Windows XP activation over the years. This will likely provoke some cries of "but that violates the license agreement, blah blah blah"... yeah, okay, maybe. What interests me is whether Microsoft actually …

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